Character Voices: Animation/Gaming/Machinima Character Voices: Animation/Gaming/Machinima

Character Voice: Dr. Betty Director

Copywriting/Marketing: Social Media, Mailings, Website

The Possible Missions

About the Project

Remember Disney’s Kim Possible? The last Disney-run production was on September 7, 2007. Some fans got together to create the continuation of Kim Possible.

In October 2014, I voiced Dr. Betty Director (starts at 5:11) for Mission One Act III which was produced by The Possible Missions.

In addition to voicing various characters, I am also in charge of the marketing for The Possible Missions which includes social media management, mailings (MailChimp), website design, development and updates (WordPress). This project, however, has no budget since it is fan-based, so I can only manage this activity in my free-time.

  • Client: The Possible Missions
  • Voiceover for Dr. Betty Director: Jessica Lohmann

Character Voices: Dr. Betty Director & Fruit Kate

Project Possible

About the Project

in December 2013, I voiced Dr. Director again (starts at 7:42) and Fruit Kate (starts at 17:43, lady on left in pic above) of Mission:MistleToe, the first full audio episode produced by Project Possible.

  • Client: Project Possible
  • Voiceover for Dr. Betty Director & Fruit Kate: Jessica Lohmann

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