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Voiceover: Corporate Narration


About the Spot

With 6 offices throughout Europe, windeln.de, founded in 2010, has the vision to become the leading e-commerce retailer for baby products in Europe.

Since their main headquarters is in Munich, they first produced the German version, which can be heard here btw. It was voiced by a beloved colleague of mine, Dagmar Bittner.

After that recording, they started working on the international version in English. That’s where I came in.

  • Client: windeln.de
  • Audio & Video Production: P.A.Q. Film (Munich): Pierre Übelhack, Andrej Jelic, Quentin Murphy

About the Session

This project showed me once again how wonderful my job is. I always knew it, but sometimes, I just plain forget.

I am most grateful to my fellow voiceover colleagues, P.A.Q. Film and windeln.de for the comraderie and patience they exhibited during this project.

Ever since I started producing voiceovers on a more regular basis, I noticed how pleasant the cooperation with other voiceover talents is. We recommend each other and give each other tips and suggestions on who to contact. My beloved German colleague suggested me and 2 other English speaking colleagues because the client asked her for an English speaking referral. I was then chosen and contacted by Andrej Jelic of P.A.Q. Film to narrate their film.

The Challenge with being Available 24/7

BUT, there was a problem, or so I thought. Andrej first contacted me the day before my long awaited 3 week summer vacation to South Africa which had been on my bucket list for decades! Yikes, what to do? I explained the situation and asked about their deadline and if there was any way I could record this after I get back home.

I apparently had no need to worry though. The client and production team were extremely understanding and we communicated a few times over the next 3 weeks and recorded the script once I arrived back home.

I am VERY grateful for that because it’s not always a given. If a deadline is tight, then a deadline is tight and I would have had to give up this wonderful opportunity. I understand tight deadlines completely, but was SO glad this one had a cushion.

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