Voicerover: Corporate Narration | Ericsson | Voicerover: Corporate Narration | Ericsson |

Voiceover: 2 min. Corporate Video Narration

One of 5 Videos to Celebrate Ericsson’s 140 Years of Innovation

About the Spot

To celebrate their 140 year anniversary, Ericsson created 5 powerful image videos. I had the opportunity to narrate ‘This is Ericsson’ explaining who they are and what they do.

  • Client: Ericsson
  • Audio Production: House of Radon (Stockholm, Sweden)

About the Session

The client wanted a bit of an emotional read which I really love to do and the script was incredibly well-written, so it was a pure pleasure to voice this video.

We connected my home studio to the studio in Stockholm via Source Connect.

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