This is How you Turn Customers into Raving Fans - #TrueStory This is How you Turn Customers into Raving Fans - #TrueStory

This is How You Turn Customers into Raving Fans #TrueStory

Jul 4, 2017

This is How your Turn Customers into Raving Fans

O.M.G. I got the best surprise ever on Friday, I have to tell you about it!

Four summers ago, my family and I visited La Vialla. La Vialla is a family-run and one of the oldest and largest organic-biodynamic farms in Castiglion Fibocchi, Italy. They own an area of 1,342 hectares/3,316 acres in the Chianti region of Tuscany and other than their farm, restaurant and store, they rent out vacation homes. You have to reserve well in advance to book a home though, especially during the peak seasons.

So, in 2013, one of my best friends asked us to come along. With 2 other couples, we rented 2 houses right next to one another and spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Tuscany.

This place is amazing and their food absolutely incredible!

The Big Surprise

Well, during one of their evening buffets, we were asked if it was OK for them to take some photos for their brochure. Sure, I said and never thought anything about it again.

We’re not on their mailing list because my friend organized this trip, so she gets all their brochures and orders regularly from them. She showed me 3 photos last week and low and behold, I saw my daughter, Leandra, in 2 photos (isn’t that an awesome photo of her?) and my husband and I in a group photo.

I wrote La Vialla and asked if they would be so kind to send me the brochure with us in it, thinking they would oblige.

What I got instead was unbelievable! Look below: Strawberry juice, wine (all 3 colors), oil, vinegar (Aceto balsamico), olives/tomatoes, pasta, spaghetti sauce, pesto, a cookbook, a product book and a pretty personalized card! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I couldn’t stay calm!

Leandra at La Vialla
So many Goodies from La Vialla
Wines and Olives/Tomatoes from La Vialla

And Now: My Reaction

Watch these 2 videos! The one above uses La Vialla’s gift as an example of how you can say thank you to your customers.

The video below is of me opening their package. Mind you, this was BEFORE I found the wine! I spoke in German because I originally made this video for my friend who told me about our photos in their brochure, but then decided to show La Vialla how excited I was and show you how incredibly important it is to turn customers into raving fans and what that process actually looks like behind the scenes’!

Even Nala, my trusted colleague, was excited, despite the fact that she’s not going to consume any of it! Not that she won’t try, being a lab and all…

What can You Learn from This?

I bought a bunch of stuff while we were there in 2013 and although their organic food is delicious, I just never made the effort to order from them. No reason why not really, I’ve just never made the effort. But, do you think I will now? Hell yeah!

I have SO many positive customer service stories, but this has got to be the best experience/surprise ever!

If you find a way to surprise your customers in the most positive way, you will turn them into a raving fan overnight. Guaranteed!

What kind of a surprise will your customers go berserk over? Let’s figure it out! I create Rockin’ Content Marketing Strategies that help ethical businesses thrive.

In your strategy, I will create ways to surprise your customers and turn them into raving fans. Schedule a FREE 30 Min. Strategy Call with me to start working towards this goal.

Give your customers a surprise they’ll never forget and you’ll easily turn them into raving fans.

Want to Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans?

Have you ever surprised your customers like this? What was their reaction?
Please comment below and let’s talk !

Sending the very best,

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