4 Important Reasons to Pick a Professional Voiceover Artist 4 Important Reasons to Pick a Professional Voiceover Artist

4 Important Reasons to Pick a Professional Voiceover Artist

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Several years ago, I started an online software tutorial. A female voice similar to that of a military sergeant speaking English with a German accent ordered me how to use the program. Instinctively I jumped; it literally scared the heck out of me!

I bet this company used one of their own employees to try to save a little money. Sometimes, it actually works, but this time – as in most cases – it did NOT.

This experience made me think about professionalism in general which in turn made me think about the fence in my backyard. We had to replace it, so we thought, ‘sure, we can do this ourselves, why not?’ To save a little money, we engaged in a 3 month, back breaking, blood, sweat and muddy endeavor. When we thought we were finished, a fierce storm came and then we participated in the ‘quick, it’s falling over’ rescue mission with our kind neighbor. So, after all was said and done, we spent WAY too much time and energy and got mediocre results.

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So Why Is It So Important To Pick An Experienced Voiceover Artist?

Reason #1: Because a professional gets the job done right

A qualified voice actor knows how to deliver a script and how to invite, intrigue, motivate and convince. He/she should either be a native speaker or 100{d7e9214a7b32a89c3d64bec618e8da0126cca022a8b7c92e9dafc2bb3d08b723} fluent in the language being spoken and also be able to interpret a script correctly.

And most importantly, a voiceover artist should not scare off the listener.

Reason #2: Because a Professional Helps You Reach Goals

Any project with an inkling of value has a specific goal and it is up to the project leader to make sure every step of the way is designed to reach that goal.

Whatever project you are working on, be it image video, software tutorial, commercial, audiobook, eLearning podcast or Hollywood film, whoever you record needs to fit the character you picture in the back of your mind. You want to picture someone your audience can relate to, trust and believe in. Someone who can perfectly deliver your story and speak to each person individually as a friend.

Reason #3: Because your customers want you to be true to your brand

Your target market puts demands on your brand’s presentation and with it, your ‘brand’s voice’. Keeping this is mind, you need to find a voice that can convince and motivate your audience, for instance, to make that proposed call-to-action (CTA) which is a banner, button, graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click it. See my CTA below!

If you’re selling a Q10 facial day cream to a 30+ female target group, your customers do not want to hear a baritone male voice speaking about fine facial lines. Nor do they want to hear a bubbly female cheerleading voice which may unintentionally sound condescending (“eeeewwwww, wrinkles, seriously?”).

Reason #4: Because a voiceover is not expensive

It costs several thousand dollars/euros just to produce a one minute image video. Don’t forget about the time and money spent on marketing and promotion. If you are serious about your current project, don’t slow down close to the finish line and skimp by giving this task to your colleague who has a good voice. Relatively speaking, the cost of a voiceover is not expensive. Just ask for a quote and see for yourself.

Put Everything in Perspective

A voiceover will not cost you an arm and a leg, but it could if itโ€™s done wrong!

If you are looking for a specific voice, but it’s not mine, that’s okay, I’m not insulted. Every brand requires a special tone. I know many talented artists though, so contact me with details of what kind of a voice you are looking for and I’d be more than happy to try to set you up.

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