Ethical Goal Setting: Make Each Objective Count Ethical Goal Setting: Make Each Objective Count

Ethical Goal Setting: Make Each Objective Count

Jun 16, 2017

Define actionable steps to reach your goals

As an ethical business owner, you have a huge responsibility:
Change the way people shop.

You want people to buy your fairtrade, organic, vegan, biodegradable, etc. products which cost more than it’s cheaply made cousin a few stores down the street.

When you started your business, you probably had a million ideas floating around your creative head. Did you craft out all your ideas? Did you reach all your goals you set back then? If so, rock on! If not, read on!

4 Tips to Set Goals that you can Reach

  • #1: Recognize Your Passion and Reach for the Stars
  • #2: Set Realistic Objectives
  • #3: Delegate and Outsource
  • #4: Celebrate Every Accomplishment

Fair Warning: This post is not about the ins and outs of setting SMART goals. You know, those that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. This post is about choosing goals that mean something to you and handing you a simple, non-technical process on how to reach them.

#1: Recognize Your Passion and Reach for the Stars

Goal Setting: Reach for the stars

“Kid, You’ll Move Mountains”

Dr. Seuss

If you’ve been in business for a few years, you’ve probably set a few goals and know what you want this year, in 5 years and in 10 years.

Do your goals give you a tingle in your belly when you talk or think about them? Do you do the Snoopy dance when you get one step closer to them?

If not, then rethink your goals! If you’re working towards a goal that you barely care about or craft an idea that doesn’t excite you, then, most likely, it’s just not worth your attention.

Let’s say you’re in the clothing industry and one goal you set was to start making shoes to accompany your outfits. It’d be a great financial opportunity for you, but you just haven’t started working on it yet.

Maybe you don’t know where to start, you’re having doubts. Whatever your excuse, it doesn’t matter. Apparently, you don’t really care about that goal, so let it go!

If you’re passionate about something, you’ll WANT to make it happen. If not, you’ll procrastinate and get frustrated with yourself for not taking care of it. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself and stop wasting time on ideas that don’t excite you.

What you need to do is figure out what you really want. Even if it sounds unattainable. Reach for the stars.

Seriously, if your goal is to clean up the entire ocean, then so be it! It’s people like Boyan Slat who move mountains that appear unmovable.

#2: Set Realistic Objectives

This is where many people get stuck. It’s not the goal that needs to be realistic per se.
<< Insert Common Sense Clause here >>

Your objectives need to be realistic. Objectives are steps you take to help you reach your goals. If they are unattainable, forget about it, you’ll never reach your goal.

Define objectives that will set you up for success. That way, you can’t lose and will quickly reach your goal.

For example: Your goal is to increase sales by 100{d7e9214a7b32a89c3d64bec618e8da0126cca022a8b7c92e9dafc2bb3d08b723} in 2018 and decrease advertising budget by 25{d7e9214a7b32a89c3d64bec618e8da0126cca022a8b7c92e9dafc2bb3d08b723}.

Well that’s a pretty tall order, but it IS attainable, so begin to break it down into actionable steps.It’s time to brainstorm, so open up your project management tool of choice or a blank spreadsheet file.

  • Write a list of objectives that will help you increase sales, e.g. Create a Content Marketing Strategy, Optimize your website, Hire a social media manager, Optimize your advertising
  • Underneath each objective, write all the tasks you need to do to complete.
  • By each task, add all the people involved, a realistic deadline, important details, etc.
  • Add your tasks in your calendar.
  • Complete each task

As soon as you break down each task, you’ll probably feel a sign of relief and triumph. It’s very empowering to break things down to bite-size pieces. Pieces you can handle.

Only those goals that excite you are worth your attention. Set Passionate Goals – Define Realistic Objectives – Plan Actionable Steps.

#3: Delegate and Outsource

Is this a tough one for you? I know it is for me. I am multi-talented and used to think I could do everything when it comes to starting my business. Well, truth is, I can and I did. Was it worth it? No.

I did this website all by myself. Back pat, yes, I am proud. BUT, what I wish I’d done was hire someone to take care of the technical part of it. I love to fiddle with design, so I didn’t want to give that up and I’m certainly not going to let someone else write my words because I am a copywriter and aspiring author, so…

And I also knew WordPress, html, css, etc., so I thought, well, the hard stuff I’ll either ask support or just not do it. Instead of thinking straight, I ended up spending hours troubleshooting why this and that didn’t work out.

Sure, I always figure it out, but it took me FORever. I should’ve invested in an expert to take care of it in way less time. Saving time and aggravation is priceless. I could have spent my time more wisely and I did the last time I needed some technical help. I just handed over my briefing, answered questions along the way and voila, my site is now speedier and safer than ever and I have a new, more worthy, provider. If I had done that myself, it wouldn’t be complete right now and I wouldn’t be writing you today.

So don’t be afraid to delegate or outsource. It’s the smarter choice because it allows you to spend your valuable time and energy on creating your new collection, expanding into a new location, meeting with a new business partner, writing your first Ted Talk, etc.

#4: Celebrate Every Accomplishment

Isn’t it fun to cross off a task list – bam, bam, bam? It feels great, right? Well, each task completed, big or small, is an achievement. It brings you one step closer to reaching your goal. So make sure you celebrate each step along the way.

It could be a fist bump with the team manager or if the task was difficult, make a toast to your team with sparkling wine on a Friday afternoon before heading into a well-earned weekend.

However you want to celebrate, just make sure you make every step count and share your excitement with your team members. They need encouragement along the way too.

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