Video Marketing Rocks: Get Started on a Video Strategy in just 4 Steps Video Marketing Rocks: Get Started on a Video Strategy in just 4 Steps

Get Started on a Video Strategy in just 4 Steps

Jul 19, 2017

Get Started on a Video Strategy in just 4 Easy Steps

So you’re ready to start your video strategy because you know it’s the right thing to do. Very good. Now what?

Before you get started, you must first have the following ducks in a row:

  • A defined marketing plan, target market and corporate identity
  • Products or services to promote/sell on a website
  • A business account on Google/YouTube and Vimeo
  • A social media presence for sharing
  • A commitment to tracking your results
  • Someone assigned to produce and manage campaigns (ie. marketer, videographer)

Four Steps to Start Your Video Strategy

Step #1: Set a Goal

What do you want to achieve with your videos?

Put a little thought into this process. If you need to, schedule time for this task. Set detailed goals with clearly defined objectives to help you reach them. This will help you stay focused throughout the entire creativity and production process.

For example

Goal #1: Increase Newsletter Subscribers by 100{d7e9214a7b32a89c3d64bec618e8da0126cca022a8b7c92e9dafc2bb3d08b723} by October
Objective #1: Produce one video per week
Objective #2: Set up a web page for each video
Objective #2: Distribute on all social channels and appropriate mailing lists
Objective #4: Start Facebook advertising campaign and target lookalike audiences. Directly upload video and add link to fitting web page

I believe in reaching for the stars when setting your goals. It’s the steps that follow, your so-called objectives, that need to be attainable.

ps. If ‘going viral’ is your goal, please know that it’s overrated. Many times, the videos that go viral are either one time wonders or of cats playing with fish. Now, if you cater to the masses with your products or services, I would understand going viral as being a reasonable goal, but if you have a niche audience, then going viral is not necessary.

So please, accept the fact that it may not happen, give yourself a break and just concentrate on your audience!

Step #2: Establish a Plan

What do your Customers Want?

Once you set your goals, you have to find out what your customers want to see. After that, you can start drawing out a plan that will help you easily produce your videos.

In an earlier post, I wrote about what conscious consumers want from ethical brands. As an ethical brand, transparency is key. People want to know how your products are made. Is this what your customers want too?

If so, you could show them your entire production process from beginning to end. Or interview the people actually making your products. Or even explain the ingredients list.

Your plan should include:

  • A budget
  • The key players: Figure out who needs to be involved internally and who you need to hire externally
  • Content ideas, eg: a problem to solve
  • How to effectively present the solution (ie. explainer/tutorial, conversational (in front of the camera), webinar, commercial, testimonial/interview (customers/staff), animation, still photos via instagram (think Oreo)
  • Easy, manageable steps to produce a series of short consecutive videos
  • A video production schedule that fits perfectly with your editorial calendar

Here’s Me on How to Turn Customers into Raving Fans

Step #3: Create your Content

How can you become an authority on your particular topic?

Once you have your plan, you have to create your content. Be informative, passionate, emotional, original. Tell a story, entertain. But get to the point quickly. You need to tell people what they are going to get in this video in the first 5-8 seconds.

You’ll also need content such as graphics/images/logo, a script/storyboard, a voice, actor(s) to produce an intro, body and a strong call-to-action at the end, etc.

Collect what you have, create what you need and optimize for success


Tip: Before uploading your video, read my post about Video SEO: How to Optimize Videos to Increase Conversion Rates

Step #4: Set up Technology

What kind of tools do you need?

As far as technology is concerned, my philosophy is that if you are not experienced with video production or just don’t want to deal with it for whatever reason, just hire someone else to do it. Let the experts do it.

The main thing you have to remember is to automate everything so that you save time. If you have one setting for your videos, make sure that area is easily and immediately workable and you don’t need an hour prep time to get it all set up.

Different types of videos require different types of equipment and/or tools. If you are filming people, you’ll need a video camera, lighting, microphone and software for editing. If you want to provide software tutorials, you’ll need a screen recording tool such as camtasia, Jing or Snagit. For explainer videos, you may want to go with GoAnimate, PowToon or Wideo. Research what works out best for you and play with it until you are happy with the results.

As a Videoblocks and Audioblocks subscriber, I can download a plethora of Royalty-free Music and Video clips, so yeah, I recommend that too…

Want help with creating a video strategy or want a professional narration for your videos?

Please comment if you have more suggestions or if you would like to share your own experience about producing your first film.

Also, an important article to read is How to Create Shareable Content that Converts.

And remember, as a Content Marketing Strategist and Voice Talent, I can always assist you with your video strategy. Always.

Sending the very best,

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